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Thanks for visiting - This is a sample page to show you what you can do with your virtual deed.

You can use this space to talk about yourself or your business perhaps. For example I can tell you that one of my future projects involves setting up a community forum for Crawley. I can tell you more about myself, my products or even why I purchased this deed.

I don't have to live in the Town for which I own the virtual deed, I don't even have to live in the UK, they are simply available to buy if you want one. You may decide to put your virtual deed up for sale and see if anyone wants to buy it. If you do want to sell it then you can simply select "For Sale" in your user panel and how much you want for it, will then put it up for sale to anyone who wants it for that price.

There are more things you can do with your virtual deed - see the ABOUT page for details.

This section has a 2000 character limit for your use, I have used 994.

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About London - Greater London

In this area you can either write information about the City/Town/Village or simply write more information about yourself, your business or your products. There is an allowance of 10,000 characters here - enough for a small book!

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Note: You cannot put your virtual deed up for sale if any of these slots are occupied. When you use a slot it will disappear from your control panel for 3 months and magically re-appear once expired. This is to reassure paying advertisers that their adverts will be honoured on your deed/s.

Below the 10 advertising slots are Google Ads. If you are an adsense publisher then you can enter your publisher ID and your adsense will show instead of mine.

Lastly there is the game (currently a voting game) where you can win a prize. Details of that can be found on the page "Play the Game".

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